The following are pre-print archives of my publications and conference presentations. For any questions, contact:

Andrew Dupuis || PhD Candidate, Griswold Lab
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH, United States of America

Conference Submissions

ISMRM 2020

Misappropriation of the Scanner Synchronization Trigger for Serial Communication with any UART Device (Abstract)

Scanner Control and Realtime Visualization via Wireless Augmented Reality (Abstract)

ISMRM 2019

Interactive hand gestures for HoloLens rendering control of real-time MR images (Abstract, Poster)

Performant summative 3D rendering of voxel-wise MRF segmentation data (Abstract, Poster)

MRF Dictionary Calculation and Visualization using GPU Compute Shaders (Abstract, Poster)

ISMRM 2018

Real-time acquisition, reconstruction, and mixed-reality display system for 2D and 3D cardiac MRI (Abstract)

Collaborative volumetric magnetic resonance image rendering on consumer-grade devices (Abstract)